Runescape Accounts Renting Guide

What is Runescape account renting?

In order to get maximum combat statistics, you will need to invest a large amount of time and resources. But what if you want to do Runescape staking as soon as possible? There are special services that will provide you with their accounts, with the maximum statistics accounts you can enter the battle in the arena. You do not need to invest any time to start staking. Do not confuse this service with buying /selling an account. You will be provided an account only for a short while. Such services are of course not free. The price will depend on the duration of the lease. The longer you play on the account, the more you have to pay. The payment is usually made in Runescape gold. We have checked out a few Runescape account providers and we can recommend WalsuGold as they have been in business for a long time now with nothing but excellent reviews!

The Renting process

The process of renting an account is straightforward. You can find many guides regarding how and where you can order an account for staking. The purchase process is very simple as well:

1) Account selection
When choosing an account, you must clearly understand what purpose you will use it. (For example: Staking, botting, PVP/PVE etc..)
2) Account renting terms
Keep in mind that you will have a time limit. The longer you rent an account, the corresponding price will increase. (Each rental hour costs a fixed amount of gold or fiat money. The price varies depending on the service providing this service.) I advise you to decide in advance for what exactly you will use your account and approximately know how long your activity will take. This will help you optimize renting the account.

As a rule, these accounts are created manually. Such accounts usually have maximum statistics (99 hitpoints; 99 attacks; 99 strength; 99 defense). The bundle also has a whip (which is very useful). Having an account with such statistics, you can easily get an advantage over your opponent and easily win your bets.

Please note that these services are not responsible for your potential losses. (For example, if you lost the bet, you if were banned, and so on the money will not be returned to you.) All responsibility of using these rented accounts solely fall on you!

Good luck staking!

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