Purchasing RS gold guide

Welcome to our complete purchasing RS gold guide!

We are aware that having money, makes life significantly easier. Such is the case in OSRS, where having a decent gold stack can change your gameplay completely. That’s why we created the complete RS gold purchasing guide!

Be wary of fraudulent websites when purchasing RS gold

Be wary of scams when purchasing RS gold
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Rule #1 is to avoid frauds. Just by googling RS gold, you will find hundreds, if not thousands, gold sellers. However, as a general rule of thumb, you should presume that most are scams. They will try to get your money and do not deliver on the gold, or even worse your credit card details. Our #1 advice is that you should check out the review section of the website. Most OSRS and RS3 gold sellers will have very few reviews. Generally, we would suggest avoiding every website that has less than 100 reviews, of course, positive ones. Fraudulent sellers will usually have 10-20 reviews all with a 5-star rating. Therefore, you can browse a website and within minutes see if it’s fraudulent or not.

If it’s too good to be true then… it probably is!

Rune #2 when purchasing RS gold is to look at the price. Most trustworthy sites will have similar prices. However, the scams will usually have significantly lower prices than the rest. Make sure to do your homework on how much the rates are $/mil before doing any purchasing. Purchasing RS gold at a steep discount should only be done if your regular provider has some sort of a promotional activity going on.

Make sure that you receive the best service possible!

Trust me, the RS gold sellers need the customers far more than the customers need them. Make sure to get the biggest bang out of your buck. Just finding a trustworthy source is not enough. Therefore, if you do find one, and you intend to be a returning customer, look for the best service you can find. This includes getting a fast response, having a polite agent, good customer support, flexibility on the amount and ease of payment.

Firstly, getting a fast response is critical, that means that your provider considers the customers a priority. Secondly, politeness and good support are the bread and butter of any organization. Thirdly, flexibility on amounts is critical, as someday you might need a bigger amount and you need to find a provider that has a decent stock. Lastly, the ease of payment is one of the most important things when it comes to security and convenience.

approved OSRS provider for purchasing RS gold


Hopefully, our guide on purchasing RS gold has opened your eyes when it comes to gold buying. It’s a normal activity in most players lives and nothing to be afraid of. I have been purchasing gold from my provider for some time now, luckily I stumbled on to a good one from the very beginning. If you are looking for a trustworthy source that has all of the above and much more, buy osrs gold at my partners at RSGoldMine.


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