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F2P money Making Ways in OSRS

Runescape can literally swallow time. You feel like your happiness is cut short, between school, jobs, family and friends. Which implies little PKing time with your clan Minimum time to max the stats. Too little time to fill the bank with rares and money. Therefore we bring you verified OSRS AFK methods of making money. Here is how to make money from these 3 AFK skills in OSRS.


  1. Cooking

It lets you turn raw food into savory creations that help restore your hitpoints. You might think that as AFKable as cooking is, you can’t make a profit out of it, That’s not the case though as their profit is dependent on the demand of the user.


Consider buying Sharks

Try buying 1k raw sharks (598 GP apiece) at their retail price. Cook them now over either a range, or a fire. After which sell your cooked sharks (698 GP each) at base price. In that hour you have earned 100k for almost no work! You may even finish your homework when cooking if you believe you’re smart about time. To spend more time cooking and less time clicking, try these popular sites:

Catherby Range

Cooking Guild (with a chefs hat plus a  level 32 in cooking)

Rogues Den Fire


  1. Woodcutting

The logs you collect can be used with other tool resources to develop certain skills such as fletching, construction and fire-making. One of OSRS ‘ popular methods of making money IS AFK woodcutting because members are able to rake in experience  and cash as they chill, chat or practice on another account. However you’ve got to know what yield of trees you’re hunting for. If your aim is to make money OSRS style then go for magic trees. Available from level 75, on your path to level 99, you will be generating around 41M. 


Hosidius House is an important location for choping Based in the Great Kourend’s Southwest Corner, the bank is at a log throw distance. You’ll earn an intangible bonus of + 7 woodcutting automatically. Simply select your magic tree after entering. Hold your favoured ax tightly and trike wih a very strong force. In minutes, stacks of magic logs will come to your inventory. You get plenty of free time from this AFK system. Free time to browse via OSRS Reddit, or get more gold from OSRS. You will have cashpiling up at your feet with minimum effort in no time!


  1. Fishing

For nearly two decades, Fishing supplied skillers, PVMers, and PKers. So try Karambwan fishing if you want to start making money OSRS style, at nearly 300k an hour. It’s easy, and one of the best recommended AFK money making strategy available in OSRS.


Ways to AFK Karambwan Fish


-Ring of Dueling

-1 Karambwan Vessel

-Access to Fairy Rings

-300+ Raw Karambwanji


Teleport towards a fairy ring that is easily accessible, and use DKP as your code. Run to the bubbly fishing spot and dive it into the shallow coastal water with your hand woven karambwan vessel (do not forget your raw karambwanji). Keep fishing till your inventory is packed to the brim and then use teleportation to Castle Wars and then bank. Lastly, teleport back again to the fairy ring to wash, rinse and repeat the process.


4. Swap your gold from RS3

One of the most common and easiest way to obtain gold in F2P osrs is to swap your RS3 to OSRS gold. This can be done through reputable swapping websites. Denizengames recommend using ZedRS for all RS3 and OSRS swapping. This will help you get a push start for gold and get the initial capital to begin your game. Swap RS3 to OSRS or vice versa with the best swap rates after doing your market research.

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