How to survive in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground – Guide

Using our tips, you can increase your chances of survival in an incredibly exciting game – PlayerUnknown’s Battleground!

What kind of game is this?

In PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, you have an island of 18×18 km on which 100 players are involved. You have to find weapons, equipment, as well as to fight for your life. Consider that the map gradually shrinks, so in the end, you will have to fight for a place in the top already in a relatively small area. You can move around on the map both on foot and on various vehicles. In the end, you still arrive at the place of the final battle. The last surviving hero and will be the winner.

How to survive in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground?

The command Ctrl + T suppresses voice chat in the game. It just needs to be done as soon as you appear in the lobby. Since most of the players will immediately begin to make noise, shout and arrange other kinds of noise. In order not to lose your hearing, we strongly recommend that you silence out the voice chat. Otherwise, you will lose your head while listening to the inappropriate nonsense of your playmates.

Check the key bindings in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground

Before you start playing, we strongly recommend that you customize the keyboard as you like. Why? For example, because the game default uses the “C” key to crouch and the “Ctrl” key to go. In order not to get confused it is better to change the layout to a more convenient one.

When you save the layout, pay attention to the save command. If it is gray, then you still have free commands, and the new layout will not be saved.

You can quickly reach the ground, but you do not need to do this

After the players start to jump out of the plane, you can quickly enter the field, but you should not do it. Moreover, try to land as far as possible from the main group of people. And, of course, do not turn on voice chat.

Just imagine what happens when a large group of people lands on the island and someone finds a weapon. If you do not want to be in the thick of things and prefer to deal with the situation calmly, then try to be away from the bulk of the players. This way, you will reduce the number of competitors and be able to find yourself weapons and other necessary things. No need to hurry, you will have enough time until the field of action begins to narrow.

Use “Freelook”

Do not forget about the possibility of looking around. Regardless of the position of your body, you can freely look around, which is sometimes very useful and can even save your life. So you can detect enemies, parachutists and more, so do not ignore this ability.

Press “W” while falling from an airplane

If you use the “W” button while jumping from an airplane, you can float in the air. Just hold down the key periodically.

During the flight, you will be asked to open the parachute. Do not worry, if you do not do it yourself, it will open automatically when you are close to the ground, so that you are not in danger. And don’t forget to use “Freelook” to look around and see if anyone is landing next to you. So you can react in time.

Use “TAB” to collect all found at once

So, after disembarking you need to search for weapons and other necessary equipment quickly. Most often it is found near houses and other structures. Finding the “treasure” will not be as difficult as it is highlighted. Act quickly to catch up to your competitors.

So, when you approach the loot, you will be shown the entire list of what you can take. This window will be located to the right of your inventory. Of course, you can stack the items found in your inventory in turn, but it will be much faster and easier to collect everything at once and continue the journey.

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