How to survive in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground – Guide

How to survive in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground – Guide

Pick up even empty weapons

If you picked up a gun, but there is no ammunition in it, then do not throw it away. Most likely, the rounds are somewhere nearby, so take a good look. Note that PlayerUnknown’s Battleground have a snag with switching weapons using the mouse wheel, so you will have to assign the weapon to the keys (1-5).

You can choose from which shoulder the camera will show

When you use the review from a third party, you can change the perspective of the camera to be at your shoulders. To do this, use the keys “Q” and “E.” So it will be more convenient for you to examine the territory.

Weapons and equipment can be of different levels

The gameplay is in full swing, you already have a helmet, a backpack, and a gun, but you suddenly find something new. For example, you find another backpack. Keep in mind that it may be, for example, level 1 and in excellent condition, and it will be better than a similar item of level 3, but in poor condition.

Do not forget the helmet

Never neglect the helmet. Be sure to wear a helmet, as it will give you another chance if you are shot in the head. The helmet itself will disappear, but you will survive. By the way, helmets 1-2 levels save only when you are hit in the head. If they shoot you right in the face, then only a level 3 helmet will save you.

Turn on the sound

Increase the volume in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. Seriously. You cannot drown all the variety of sounds that surround you in this game — the sounds of a helicopter, shots, even footsteps. Doing so can save your life, as you can hear how the enemy approaches you. Secondly, it’s just interesting. Walk around the island and listen, what is happening around you. This does not apply to voice chat, do not turn it on!

Close the doors

By default, the doors in the game are closed, and it is better to leave them that way. So, if you enter the building, close the door behind you before you start checking the building. You do not want to reveal to other players that this house has already been looted or that there is someone in it. So, the enemy may think that the house is empty and he will calmly go inside, confident in his safety. At this moment you can kill him. Again, you will create the appearance that no one has been in the building yet. The enemy will lose time searching the previously empty house. That way you can entrap the enemy.

Avoid red areas

The red zone is a field on which there will soon be bombardment, which is impossible to survive. So, carefully watch the map and if you notice that you are in the red zone, then start running at full speed, otherwise, you will surely perish.

Do not jump out of a moving car

Dropping out of a moving car is very tempting, fun and heroic. However, in this game, if you do this, you will either damage yourself, or you will die. Even with the fact that the cars in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground are not fast, you can take damage.

By the way, you need to use cars very carefully. Consider the fact that they are very noisy so that you will be heard from afar. You will reveal your location to the enemy, for which you can then pay.

Little information about weapons

AKM – the most effective assault weapon in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. However, it has a higher return and a smaller radius of destruction.

The M16 is the best long-range assault rifle.

Shotguns, surprisingly, will be useful not only at close range but also at medium.

Kar98 can hit enemies with a helmet of level 1-2. However, if the enemy uses a 3rd-level helmet, then he has a chance to survive.

Use pistols with 38mm cartridges, as they are more powerful than those using 9mm bullets.

Use the “Shift” key while aiming. Since when you hold your breath, you can stabilize the sight and shoot more accurately.



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