How to start playing Clash Royale: tactics for beginners

Clash Royale is a very diverse and versatile game that contains many tactics, game variants, various maps, including legendary ones, etc. In order not to get lost in this complex gameplay, I decided to present you with some of the most useful tips that will help beginners to quickly get used to the game and develop their tactics.

Do not go beyond your half

Leaving on the enemy’s half of the field – this is a common mistake for beginners. Do not rush to destroy the enemy’s towers, since you lose the precious elixir, and in addition to this, you will not be able to gather a mighty army. Rely on your towers, since with their help you will be able to deal with enemy units much faster, which will give you a definite advantage. For example, the enemy sends you a dragon? Fine! Just guess the moment when it will be as close as possible to the tower and start the attack. So you save the elixir, save your dragon and leave the enemy without a unit.

Do not be afraid to take damage

Of course, no one wants to prevent damage to their towers, but sometimes your tactics of the game should allow it. For example, the enemy sends archers to you, and you can deal with him in just four hits. During this time, they will have time to inflict just a little damage to the tower, this can not be avoided, but this will allow you to save the elixir for the attack, and in the end, you will be one step ahead. Never forget that even the developers themselves are positioning Clash Royale, as a game about tactics.

Do not forget to look at the elixir levels

Elixir is your greatest helper on the road to victory. In battle, you will have to continually calculate its consumption so as not to be left without the ability to attack. To follow the level of the elixir is very important!
For example, the enemy sends a horde of minions to you. He spent five elixir units on them. What do you do? Shoot arrows that cost you three elixir units! For the remaining two, you can call goblins or skeletons. You are in the black, and the enemy is defeated.
You can defeat the enemy unit by spending less elixir than he is. Thus, you will remain in the black, and you will have more opportunities to deliver a crushing blow to the enemy since your opponent will not have the chance to defend himself properly!

Do not repeat your mistakes

Learning from your mistakes is necessary both in real life and in games. View your matches again, notice your errors, develop the best tactics. Improve yourself, but do not forget to look back on your previous actions to evaluate them and draw certain conclusions. You can notice where your tactics sag, thereby developing a stronger version of the game that will only make you better.


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