How to rob a house in the Thief Simulator – tips for beginners

Some tips for beginners to help you successfully plan and commit crimes in the simulator of a thief in Thief Simulator.

Planning and patience

Planning and patience are essential traits in a thief simulator. Organizing a robbery can be much easier than you think. First, you need to find out when people are not at home.

Labeling mechanics is one of the most valuable tools in the game. Click the middle mouse button on the person in the house, and it will be marked and visible through the walls. But, most importantly, you can find out when he leaves the home and where he is during the day.

Act covertly

In the upper left corner of the screen, there are two scales. They show that there are two people in the house, and the arrows pointing down as well. Red tells you that they are at home, and blue – when they are outside. This suggests that not all homes have a time-window when everyone is out. You will have to keep where the residents are in that moment when you plan to commit the theft. The gray color on the scale indicates that you have not yet learned where a certain person is within the home, so wait until the arrow appears on this site and follow. When you know that no one is at home, proceed to the inspection. You need to know the weaknesses of the house. The main gate is usually not difficult to open, check the front door. In almost all cases, the front door of the house is closed.

Do not oversleep!

We will have to go home first. The bed of the main character is one of the main tools of your arsenal. That is why the title has the word “patience.” We will have to wait for the best moment to steal.

We need to know what time to wake up and go on a mission. We study our notes by clicking “i.” You need to know when the owners leave the house and wait until they leave.

With the help of a computer, we buy a master key for this entrance door on tool4thiefs. Here you can purchase information, get a job, sell mining and buy other tools. We proceed to the robbery itself.


Now that we have a robbery target, we slept until the right time, and all the people left the house — we go there. Make sure you park the car nearby, if we take any large items, we can load them into the trunk. We are waiting for a particular time. We look at how the residents leave the house so that we can commit theft without hindrance.

Use the master key, which we bought at the front door to enter the house.

If there are still people in the house, then all actions should be performed slowly and quietly so as not to make a lot of noise. The primary home protection system, as a rule, is electronic, it’s not easy to disable it.

Fold the loot into the car, parked outside. You can immediately go to sell the stolen goods.


Use the quick move and go to the store! Here you can sell the stolen items to the cashier directly or through the counter next to it.

Congratulations! You finished your first robbery and did not get caught. Follow these simple steps, and gradually complicate your tasks to get as much profit as possible.

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