How to make a lot of money in GTA 5?

To go through the main story in GTA 5 not a lot of money is needed. During the gameplay, spend the evergreen dollars earned on guns, car repairs, and upgrades, as well as clothes for Franklin, Michael, and Trevor as little as possible. If you want to buy the whole property, you will need a lot of money. In this guide, I collected all the most relevant and useful earnings recommendations in GTA 5.


Robberies are the easiest way to make money in the fifth part of the ever-important crime action from Rockstar. Also, you can not miss them, as they are part of the main plot. In the robberies, accomplices will help you, to whom you will pay a percentage of the jackpot.

Many players in the planning phase of their first cases naively believe that taking the “cheapest” accomplices, and thus they will get the maximum profit. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Criminals who ask for the smallest percentage will only give you difficulties, so it’s better not to save money on this.

The most profitable mercenaries are those that you find on the streets of the city. Usually, they need your help first, and if you do it, they will be available for a robbery. Keep in mind that with each theft, your accomplices’ skills will increase, but the salary requirements will not.

Item Collecting

Collecting items is one of the most exciting ways to extract money in GTA 5. You will receive not only a large pile of dollars but also achievements. Besides, the collection of items for collectibles is needed to complete the game at one hundred percent.

Collectibles in GTA 5:

  • Details of the spacecraft;
  • Parts of the submarine;
  • Hidden packages;
  • Scraps of letters.

By searching for the above items, you will ideally help the faithful dog Chop. Do not forget to train him well.

Investing and buying stocks – feel like a wolf on Wall Street

The game has two exchanges – BAWSAQ and LCN. Invest money, buy shares, and then sell them to earn a profit. To start, practice on small amounts and as soon as you master the basics of this business, use heavy artillery with a bunch of zeros. It is best to start investing during the missions of Lester, who will give you advice on this.

Raids and lawlessness

At this point, we collected several types of earnings. All of them are fun and interesting, so it will be difficult to get bored. For example, you can go in for the robbery of armored vans and collection vehicles. To do this, you will need to destroy the rear door of the vehicle. You can shoot at it, and you can throw explosives.

You can also do looting shops. Enter any shop in the game world, point the weapon at the seller and collect the money.

The last way is the most common and chaotic way in the open world. Beat people up and collect their cash, but be careful, as you often have to get out of the way of the police. If you see an ATM, wait until someone uses it, then commit the robbery.

Perform side tasks and participate in random events

In carrying out primary missions and just driving around the city, you will often come across random events. For example, a woman on the street lost her purse. By returning it, you get a small amount of money. By the way, if you are not tormented by conscience, you don’t have to return the money.

Also, follow the work of the police. Law enforcement officers from time to time will prosecute the criminals who participated in the robberies. Get to them before the police and take them to the bank. As a rule, there will be a lot of money there.

The game also contains side quests. In GTA 5, they are called “Kooks and other strangers.” Finding them will not be difficult – they are marked on the map with a question mark. For their passage, you will receive money and achievements. Also, the execution of these tasks is necessary to complete the game at one hundred percent.


In Grand Theft Auto 5, you met a lot of different races for each character. When you win, you will accrue money. Particularly profitable are the street races that become available at night. Note that you need a fast car to cross the finish line first.


This type of money making in GTA 5 is one of the most costly ones since the purchase of any business already requires an essential investment from you. Also, from time to time you will need to complete tasks for your business to flourish. Having bought a business, you will begin to receive a weekly profit. Some real estate will allow you to earn more. For example, the Sonar Collection Dock marina, which can be bought for $ 250,000, will allow you to collect radioactive revenues. For each barrel, you will receive an impressive amount of money.


To become the owner of a large pile of money in GTA 5, it is not necessary to do too much. Just enough to save correctly. Do not spend a lot of money at the beginning of the game. Do not buy clothes, weapons, and cars. Some clothes are available in the wardrobe of the characters, weapons will be given out during assignments, but you can always get a car for free by stealing it. Also, try to save and load more often after death to save money that will be taken from you at the hospital for resurrection.


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