How to Gear Up in World of Warcraft

When you hit max level in World of Warcraft, the first thing you should do is get some decent gear to get you started on the endgame. Yeah, you can’t dive right into the latest raid with your fresh level 120 gear. You must climb up the ladder by doing World Quests, Dungeons, Mythic+, Warfronts, etc first. But that is going to take a while. Well, if you follow this guide, I’m going to make it much easier for you.

Fresh 120

You’ve done your leveling, you’ve hit level 120 and you’re ready to kick ass. But what should you do first? Well, the first thing you should do is unlock World Quests. You can do so by raising the reputation with your three Batte For Azeroth factions to friendly. Once you’ve done so, you can turn in the quest to your emissary in your faction’s capital city. Now you have access to World Quests and the Flight Master’s Whistle, which you can use to call up a ride to the nearest flight master.

Go ahead and complete a couple of World Quests that award decent item level gear. Once you’ve done so, you can feel free to spend the gold you’ve earned while leveling to buy a couple of crafted gear from the Auction House. My recommendation would be to get a 355 Darkmoon Card trinket, as it’s quite powerful and cheap, so it makes for a good choice as an early trinket.


Obtaining your gear in a WoW Mythic Carry is one of the most fun activities in World of Warcraft currently. There is a bunch of amazing dungeons to do in Battle For Azeroth. You should definitely go ahead and finish your first regular Mythic dungeon in order to obtain the Keystone needed to progress in Mythic+. Once you’ve done so, open your premade group finder and list a group with your Keystone. Keep grinding Mythic+ until you have enough gear to start doing normal and heroic raids.

Once you start doing Heroic raids, it’s smooth sailing from there. You will be able to queue up and join any raid and continue with your gearing up in Battle For Azeroth.

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