Hearthstone Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the wonderful world of Hearthstone! Released by Blizzard in 2014, Hearthstone is a free digital deck card game in the world of World Warcraft. Players choose one of the nine main classes of characters and then create a deck of cards representing creatures, spells, weapons, and hero cards. Each player starts with 30 health and wins if their opponent runs out of health before they do.

Getting ready for launch

To play Hearthstone, you will need to download the game client. For Windows or Mac users, you can get it online from Blizzard’s Hearthstone.

It can also be downloaded to Apple, Android and Amazon devices for those of you who are on mobile devices.

The beginning of the game

After installing the game client, you will be trained in the original tutorial. Complete the tutorial, then defeat each class against the AI to unlock them. You can upgrade every class up to the tenth level by playing extra games against the AI, and not against other players if you wish.

As soon as you have a class upgraded to the tenth level, it’s time to build a deck! The game offers a built-in tool to help you determine which cards you should add to your deck, use a fairly rigid set of rules. You can find lots of great deck ideas on the Internet, including our guides!

Here are some tips to help you create a good starting card collection:

  • Unlock all nine classes. You will receive a bonus of 100 gold for it!
  • Play each class against its unlocked Expert AI. This gives you an extra 100 gold.
  • Get all nine classes up to level 10. In addition to unlocking all major game cards, you get another 100 gold for this.
  • Try to complete your quests. They will reward you with gold, which you can use to purchase packages from the game store.

Choosing a class and playing

In my experience, new players tend to be overwhelmed by the number of classes when they first start playing. They do not know the style to play of each of them, so it’s difficult for them to choose the one that suits them. This resource should be the ideal way to solve this problem. However, more intermediate players may also learn something, especially about classes that they have not played a lot.

Things you will find in each of the class reviews:

  • Class – mainly includes pieces of knowledge and some information about how the class is reproduced in World of Warcraft.
  • Themes and mechanics. Each class has unique items and mechanics. Starting with the Power of the Hero, we are trying to talk about “classical identity” – about what cards the class had in the past and what we can expect in the future.
  • Advantages and disadvantages. Each class is good at something and bad at something else. We try to identify them and explain why this is so. This may change slightly with the release of a new extension (especially the bugs that are often fixed), but most of them should remain true when we talk about the core of the class.
  • Meta-decks and strategies. We identify meta-packs that each class can use right now. Each of these strategies is explained when the main strategy and the main maps are defined. Also, each of them has a link to the full list of columns and a guide.
  • Level Ratings – A list of major cards that are rewarded for leveling the class to level 10. Useful for players who are just starting to play in this class.


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