Fortnite Beginner’s Guide

Fortnite Beginner’s Guide helps you get started playing this new favorite f2p game. This guide contains information for newbies about rare weapons, cannons, healing, building and searching for loot. We will also describe each period of the game so that you know how to approach the early, middle, and late stages of this Battle Royale game!

Fortnite can be a tricky game to understand when you start out. You have to adapt to the weapons, but most importantly, you will need to study the construction of the building. If you just downloaded the game, I would focus more on learning how to shoot, and then gradually begin to integrate the construction of the building into your gameplay. If you want to work on getting an idea of the best structure, go to the forest zone that is usually empty (Wailing Woods) and break a bunch of trees. Use all these resources to practice your building, switching back and forth to your weapon. Building this muscle memory will put you ahead of most new players and guide you on the road to victory!

Fortnite Weapon Quality

If you have ever played Diablo or World of Warcraft, you will be quite familiar with the quality of the items. Each color indicates the rarity of a particular item, and the rarer, the better. In Fortnite, this is no different; each pistol has its rarity, but one of the unique things in Fortnite is that some guns start at a rare level or have no traditional counterparts. For example, the Tactical shotgun does not have the Normal version (Gray), it immediately goes as Unusual (green). Here is a list of available qualities:

When it comes to weapons, if it is a higher rarity, it does more damage for this type of weapon.

Keep in mind that all items are rare for them. This includes items that cure you (bandages, sets of first-aid kits), as well as traps and grenades. These types of items are included only in one rarity, so no version is better than another.

Guns in Fortnite

Most weapons are pretty easy to use, but I will briefly describe some of the strengths and weaknesses of each type.


If you need an advantage at the beginning of the game, this is better than no weapon, but as a rule, you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. A pistol is a pretty good weapon, but ultimately almost every gun is superior to shotguns or assault rifles.


Masters of melee! If you just started out, a tactical shotgun is less effective than a pump-action shotgun, it does a ton of damage, and with a couple of shots, it can kill anyone. This is always your best bet if you know the battle will be near. You should always keep it with you even in the late game.

SMG (Pistols – machine guns)

Not the best, but close, they are not so bad if you aim at an enemy’s face. You will want to get rid of them rather quickly, but they are suitable for use until you find the best weapon to replace them.

Assault rifles

One of the best universal weapons, but maybe a bit random. Spreading can be somewhat problematic on longer ranges, but try to shoot controlled shots with maximum precision. SCAR is the best version of the assault rifle, and Scoped Assault Rifle is one of the best gaming machines from the middle to the end.

Sniper rifles

They need a little effort to get used to, but once you master them, they will become destructive weapons for firing long distances. The sniper rifle has a “flight path,” which means the shot does not instantly hit the target and falls gradually down as it gets farther. If you are trying to attack a moving target in range, you will need to aim higher and ahead of it.

Flare guns

Very effective at destroying forts, but can also be used to lure an adversary who is nearby. Rocket launchers take time to get to your goal, so keep this in mind. They have a limited distance, so the farther your target is, the higher you must aim.

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