Fortnite Beginner’s Guide Part 2

We continue our review of the types of equipment in the popular game Fortnite!

Other types of weapons

There are several different options available to you if you are looking for better ways to destroy your enemies.


You cannot throw them very far, but they make it easy to destroy enemy walls/bases. You can hold the throw button to get a path for where your grenade is going to land; this is very useful if you are trying to throw them into a house or fort. You cannot “blow up” the grenade, so you can hold the throw button as long as you want.


There are several different types of traps, but they can be placed either on the walls and on the floor or on the ceiling (you can safely move through your traps without activating them). One of the best ways to use them is to place them on the roof in front of the doorways (people will open the door and get straight into it). The traps are located at the very end of your building. You can switch between them in the inventory area.

Fortnite armor and health

With healing and shields, it is essential to know each of the strengths and weaknesses of each item. I have compiled a summary below:


Bandages are the easiest way to heal yourself. Each Bandage restores 15 health, and you can heal yourself up to 75 with them. You can only hold 15 pieces in one slot.

Medical kit

A medical kit will restore you to full health. If you find one of them, the best thing is to replace your bandages with them. Medical bags are slow and use 10 seconds, be sure that you are in a safe place if you are going to use them.

Straw juice

Straw juice restores 25 health and gives you 25 armor for 25 seconds. If you have Bandages, it is always best to use them for up to 75 health before using straw juice so you can get up to 100 health.

Mini shield

Mini-shields are relatively new to Battle Royale, but they are designed for quick protection. You get 25 armor for each of them and can only use them up to 50 armor. They are more accessible than standard shield potion, and the duration is only 2 seconds!

Shield potion

A shield potion gives you 50 armor; you can use two of them to get to armor no more than 100. It will take 5 seconds to drink, so don’t try to swallow one of them if you are in a shootout.

Construction Fortnite – Walls, ramps, and floors

One of the most significant differences between Fortnite and Battlegrounds from PlayerUnknown (besides F2P) is the ability to create buildings. At first glance, it may seem that it is not very useful, but you are very mistaken. Construction may be the most critical element of success in Fortnite Battle Royale. You use it to dive into the mountains, make the cover, reach the chests, slow down the fall rate from high places, and then, as a rule, build yourself a good fort at the end of the game.

If you play on a PC, the first thing you do is tie your hotkeys (F, V or Mouse 4 and 5 are famous). You will want the walls, floor, and ramp to be easily accessible because you will use it ALL THE TIME. Practice building the buildings as much as possible to win, this is most invaluable in Fortnite. If you are involved in a shootout, your first instinct should be to build a wall or ramp.


One of the most useful things you can learn how to build quickly is what I call “Ramp Boxing.” These are just four walls and a ramp, but the ability to put it together in a few seconds is advantageous in many situations. It gives you shelter from all sides and allows you to jump and shoot at your enemy. You can also continue to build on top of it and enlarge it using the same design.

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