For Honor: 8 Tips for Beginners

For Honor is rather unfriendly to the players. Only a few of the main mechanics Ubisoft explained correctly, which made the lives of newbies more difficult. I have prepared for you the 8 most useful tips that will help you to become better in this game.

Start playing Guardian

This is already being said literally at every turn – first play as a Guard. The reasons for choosing a knight are underestimated. You see, the Guardian can be considered not an easy, but very light character, literally the fourth type. His combinations are the most intuitive, he only has a few abilities, but each is deadly and will play its role in any, even the most difficult situation. The set of his skills can be called scanty, but you will not have to memorize all.

Always watch out for stamina

The key factor in the For Honor combat system is the stamina management. If the enemy’s strength is over, then there is nothing left for him but to defend against your onslaught. In this state, he can not counterattack and fight back. Accordingly, the best moment to attack will be a situation where your endurance level exceeds the enemy’s endurance level – in most cases, by the end of a successful combination, he will become defenseless.

Change the direction of attacks during combinations

Ubisoft has never focused on the ability to change the direction of attack during the combos, but it is. In other words, the enemy will easily block the second strike of the combination, if you have not changed the direction of the strike. For many characters, the second blow is vital, as the third is guaranteed to overtake the target.

Carefully review the right time to cancel strikes and interrupt throws

Don’t believe Ubisoft when they tell you that the interruption will work. The burning indicator is deceiving you. Throws are interrupted with a very small window after pressing the button, so you should carefully study this point in training. The animation will confuse you, do not believe it — the right time to begin to guess the position of the bodies of the characters will only happen after some practice. The same goes for canceling strikes – for many characters the input box is too small. In general, practice.

You can play with all characters without prior purchase

Unlike Rainbow Six Siege, in For Honor, all the characters are available at once. Recruiting is only necessary to obtain the function of adjusting the appearance and items. Which automatically makes it possible to effectively use any hero not purchased in duels and battles – all bonuses from weapons and armor work only in big “four by four” battles.

Do not attempt to attack an enemy with a numerical advantage

If you are surrounded by opponents, do not try to kill someone on the spot, there is too great a chance to remain open to the strike. Your task is to block as many attacks as possible, enter the Revenge mode and kill at least one foe. During your defense, a comrade could arrive, and you could remain in a one-on-one scenario. This is much better than waiting for a long revival after a heroic death.

Do not forget about the mini-map

The mini-map in the corner of the screen is the last thing you will notice when playing For Honor. But it is an extremely useful tool for anyone who does not want to be caught. The game has only a couple of characters who can hide their presence, and then just for a couple of seconds, so a glance at the alignment of forces will give a visual idea of the enemy’s plans at every second. Also, the mini-map should become your rear-view mirror. Otherwise, there is a great chance you will find the Redeemer’s dagger in your back.

The main thing – do not fall!

The lion’s share of all the killings in For Honor happens due to opponents dropped from a height. This is facilitated by the skills of the characters because almost half of them can somehow push the enemy to a considerable distance. Be careful and always see what is behind you, do not stand on the edge of the abyss, but try to drive the enemy there.

Believe me this is just the beginning. For Honor hides many more secrets, and the combat system still has many surprises. Good luck!

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