Clash Royale Guide For Beginners

Clash Royale guide for beginners – the first steps in the game, the collection of your deck and much more! With the help of donating, you can advance very quickly in the game, but this is not necessary – you can reach high ratings on your own, for which you can use our guide.


Each Clash Royale player at the beginning of the game has three structures that are important to maintain while destroying the structures of the enemy. You can do this with the help of heroes that you call using cards. Keep in mind that the cards will consume elixir, and to restore it takes time.
If you want to get new cards, you will have to either go to the store, or win battles, or open chests. Each of your cards has its price of use, and when you collect a deck, you will see the average consumption of the elixir, and you will be able to understand which cards should have more of.
By the way, if you are an inexperienced player, then go to TV Royale, there you can watch the matches, and get some experience.

In Clash Royale, there are two types of game currency: gold and crystals. For gold, you need to fight, and for crystals, you have to get achievements. There is a way to get 100 crystals quite simply at once. To do this, you need to reach level 100, and then join the clan. You can then buy epic cards for these 100 crystals.
Oh yeah, if during the start of the match you see that an enemy is already running towards you, then do not be alarmed, because you can do that too. To immediately start the battle, you need to click on the screen while the names of the players are broadcast.

How to earn gold

For a successful game you need gold, and now we will tell you ways not to stay with empty pockets in Clash Royale.

Most of the coins you will receive are from chests, which have several types:

  • Wood: appears every 4 hours, so it is not advisable to recall them as often as possible.
  • Silver: appears every 3 hours, and you also get one when you win the battle.
  • Golden: you can get a golden chest every 8 hours.
  • Royal: the rarest chest. Available only once a day.

By the way, there is a tiny chance that for a victory you will be given a magic chest, in which there will be gold and  41 cards (1 epic and 8 rare, as well as others)

Do not waste your gold reserves on trifles and do not buy cards. You must improve first those cards that you have. Plus, you need to learn more about the cards, so as not to lose while buying. You will collect the most powerful deck, and also, save your finances.

When you need to get gold, you can buy it for crystals. For 60 crystals you can get 1000 units of gold.



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