Clash Royale Guide For Beginners

Clash Royale Guide For Beginners

Deck collection

In Clash Royale there are only 42 cards, and in the deck, you can have 8, so you need to be extremely careful to make a powerful deck with maximum efficiency.

You can divide the cards according to various signs, and then it will be easier for you to combine them. We can distinguish the following groups of cards:

  • Ground troops – leads attack only from the ground.
  • Air forces – which attack from the air, and also have protection from bombers, princes, knights and valkyries.
  • Long-range troops – these units attack from long distances and you will tactically correctly position them behind melee troops.
  • Hand-to-hand troops – these units beat enemies from a short distance.

Also, Clash Royale maps can be divided into those that hit a point or hit a large territory. If you want to destroy, for example, enemy tanks, it will be better to use point action cards, and if you need to destroy a group of units, then maps that operate over a large area will be more useful.

The best defense is an attack

The best defense is an attack, so keep this in mind and do not forget to use it. To attack more effectively, you always need to have cards like giants or riders in the deck, i.e., those who are good tanks.

Also, you need to keep the archers and knights, as they have excellent resistance against the witches. In general, these cards are good in any tactics of the game, so do not forget about them in any case.

Be always on guard, as you can be attacked from the air! To repel air attacks, you need to keep those units with you that can repel an air attack — for example, a horde of minions.

Also, it will be useful to have buildings with you, as the enemies will not forget about your main buildings for a long time, which will give you a small head start.

During the Clash Royale battle, the cost of the elixir is also significant, so it’s best to have this number vary from 3.7 to 4.5. With this tactic, you will be as effective as possible, the deck will be dropped in the right place, and there will be no problems with battles.

Victory tactics

Do not fight until the elixir band is complete. It is better to wait out than to be left without resources and means to fight. However, if you see that your opponent is waiting for the scale to be filled, you can make the first move and attack. In this case, you get a small advantage. By the way, start the attack with those units that require less elixir so that you can look at the actions of the enemy, but at the same time vanquish the expensive and powerful forces of his troops.

There are also so-called dangerous combinations, which are a mix of powerful units that can virtually destroy the enemy. For example, you put a giant in remoteness from the enemy, and approximately also place a witch and a musketeer. They begin to accumulate the elixir and eventually become incredibly strong.
Do not forget that you need to create successful combinations for a better attack. For example, a giant and an army of skeletons will work together correctly, exactly like a knight with a baby dragon. And remember that you can not use air defense units to attack, you would only spend the elixir in vain, and would not cause any damage.

Try to destroy the defensive towers of the enemy!

When you do this, you will be able to land your units on the enemy field, and you will have the opportunity to destroy the main tower.
You should not fill the elixir strip as much as possible, because in this case it will stop flowing, but you can’t spend it thoughtlessly either, because it is too valuable! Always leave a small amount of it to deliver the final blow.


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