Civilization 6 Starting Guide – Getting Started Tips

I compiled a Civilization 6 guide for you so that you will have less difficulty at the start of the game. My guide for beginners in Civilization 6 will help you get started successfully in this incredibly exciting strategic game.

Building a city in Civilization 6: where and when

When you create the capital of your state, you need to locate it in the right place. Choose a location so that water, minerals, food, hills, etc. are close by. This will help the city to develop much faster.

Good farming land will give you the food you need for rapid development. Also, if you build a farm on fertile land, the flow of food will increase, which will further accelerate your progress.

Resources are divided into three types: bonus resources increase the income from the land, strategic resources require additional units, and luxury resources give the residents of your city comfort and prosperity.

Depending on the biome, you can lose any “privileges” but gain something else. So, for example, if you build a city in the mountains, you will have some food, but the hills will give you extra protection, which is already a good plus.

Districts and neighborhoods

The city is divided into regions, but everything begins, of course, from the city center. In the center is the concentration of granaries, mills, monuments, and other buildings that “feed” the city. Cultural structures are here as well.

Now let’s talk about an area like Sacred Place. This area can collect 1 unit of faith from each mountain tile, two units of confidence from each neighboring natural miracle, and 1 unit of confidence from two forest tiles.

So, the “Sacred Place” is unlocked, and religious buildings begin to generate more faith. Missionaries are coming to your city, who can then start to spread your religion to other cities and even countries. By the way, religious buildings also help to get bonuses. So the Prayer House will give you +3 faith and +2 production.

Besides, you can build buildings that contribute to the generation of Great People. For example, to create a great artist, you need to build a museum and a separate area.


You must pay enough attention to science and its development to soar from the very beginning up to great heights. For various studies, you will also need buildings where you will learn everything from the basics of animal husbandry to space flights. The more you do science, the faster you will move along the technology tree. Also, if you fulfill a particular condition that is specified in the technology tree, then you will run twice as fast!

Trade and Diplomacy

The game has two types of trading. The first is carried out between the leaders of countries in the framework of diplomacy. This type of trade includes the exchange of technology, cities, resources, etc. Will the leaders of other countries exchange with you? It all depends on the level of complexity and on your level of relationship.

What affects the relationship? For example, if you are at war with the barbarians, then those countries that are at war with them will like it, which means they will be more favorable to you.

Also, rumors, gossip, etc. can be based on various historical facts. Spies and diplomats will be useful here. They will be able to give you different information about the ruler and his attitude towards you. This way you will know better how to proceed.


Starting a war at the wrong stage is a bad idea, especially at early levels. You can aggravate the situation in five moves, and then the country will expect a war, as relations deteriorate. Besides, you can start a religious war. If any of your cities are captured, you can start a war of liberation.

Civilization 6 Combat Strategies

During battles, you can watch the performance of their units. It should also take into account their location. For example, hills give +3 protection, and swamps -2. So carefully choose the place where to place your army.

If you want to capture the city, then you need to get to its center. In the case when this is not possible, you still have the opportunity to destroy farms, mines and so on. When you captured the center, your task first will be to smash its defenses and only then the health scale will begin to decrease.

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