Civilization 6 Guide: Tips – What To Do To Win

Do you want to play Civilization 6 effectively and have the edge over other players? Planning to bring your nation to power in the shortest possible time? Then read my article, where I will tell a few things that you first need to do in Civilization 6!

Decide how exactly you are going to win.

As you know, in Civilization 6 there are several options for victory: cultural, military, scientific and religious. The sooner you decide how you want to conquer the world, the sooner you will choose an action strategy and begin your first steps in domination.

In more detail about variations of victories:

Cultural victory

The total number of visiting tourists which is more than the number of domestic tourists is necessary. Tourist spots and developed culture attract visitors. Tourism will allow you to create a seaside resort or national park.

Scientific victory

Related technologies are opened at the last stage of the game, so to achieve it, you must first live until then, and then spend at least 30 moves to open the technologies and build units. More precisely, to win, you need to fulfill three conditions: launch a satellite, land a man on the moon and establish a colony on Mars.

Military victory

To win this victory, you need to capture the capitals of all countries. When your city remains the only unconquered, you will succeed. However, the difficulty lies in not provoking other countries to raid you.

Religious victory

If you convert more than 50% of the cities in each country to your religion, then it wins a moral victory. The most important thing is not just to convert other countries into your faith, but to subordinate them to your will. Use missionaries and apostles, build certain buildings, and they will be happy for your god.

Choose the right leader

As you probably know, for your nation you have to choose a leader, each of which has its bonuses, units, buildings, and so on.

For example, Frederick Barbarossa, King of Germany, has at his disposal a unique unit – a submarine, which is an excellent submarine, which has an advantage over opponents. Also, Barbarossa boasts such an exclusive area as the Hansa – the center of industrial activity.

Need more, more cities!

You do not think that you can conquer the world, having only one city. Fine! Build at least two more cities, in addition to the capital. Just do not put the town next to each other, on the contrary, place them at a distance. It is desirable, at the same time, to seize rare resources.


Trade is an essential part of Civilization 6, and with it, you can provide your cities with all the necessary resources. Other civilizations will pave trade routes through your towns, but you do not forget to trade with them. Remember that the number of trade routes is limited. You can also mine rare resources that will bring you closer to victory, and you can also trade them with other powers. Besides, remember that trade between states is not only possible but essential.

Watch the state of your treasury and try to increase the number of gold coins. They will help you buy everything you need, as well as allow you to survive the war and crises without any problems.

Do not forget about tribal settlements

Such settlements are small villages that are not so easy to find on the map due to their small size. However, when you find the first settlement, you will be notified. By the way, the solution will even give you gifts, which is essential.

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