All Fallout 76 Mutations

In Fallout 76, players can get mutations that provide them with certain bonuses or abilities. You can get a mutation using serum or radiation. It is worth noting that the mutation will disappear when the player begins to cleanse himself of radiation – no matter how he mutated.

How to mutate and cure mutations

One way to get a mutation in Fallout 76 is to jump into any body of water. In water, the level of radiation is growing inexorably (if the player does not have a perk on immunity to radiation in water), quickly accumulating in the character. After receiving a specific dose, the player will receive a random mutation. If the player gets the same dose (and does not die), he will have two mutations. However, when cleansing the body the mutations are removed, so it is worth choosing: an ample supply of health or bonuses to abilities.

Another way of mutation is the purchase of whey. Just find the Whitespring base and buy any desired serum. Here you can choose which mutation to bestow. After you purchase the serum, you only need to use it. The player will not receive radiation, but the mutation will still disappear when you try to clean your body. Another issue is the price: a unit of serum will cost about 5,000 caps.

Starched Genes perk allows you not to lose mutations when cleansing the body.

Mutations in Fallout 76 and their properties

Below is a list of all known mutations in Fallout 76. These are the effects, from positive to negative:

  • Adrenaline (Adrenal Reaction) – the lower the level of health, the greater the damage; health reduced by 50;
  • Birds bones (Bird Bones) – +4 agility, reduced damage from falling; -4 to strength, bones break more often;
  • Carnivorous (Carnivore) – meat bonuses doubled, there is no chance of getting sick from meat food; Do not eat vegetables;
  • Chameleon (Chameleon) – the player becomes invisible, standing still without armor;
  • Eagle Eyes – + 25% to critical damage, +4 to perception; -4 to strength;
  • Egghead (Egghead) – +6 to intelligence; -3 strength and endurance;
  • Electrically (Electrically charged) – a chance to hit with electricity and stun enemies attacking in hand-to-hand combat;
  • Empath – team members take 25% less damage; carrier takes 25% more damage;
  • Grounded – +100 to energy protection; -20% energy weapon damage;
  • Treatment factor (Healing Factor) – + 300% to the speed of regeneration; chemicals are 55% worse;
  • Herbivore (Herbivore) – bonuses from vegetables doubled, there is no chance to get sick from vegetable food; you can not eat meat;
  • Herd Mentality (Herd Mentality) – +2 to all stats while in a squad; -2 to all characteristics, not being in the squad;
  • Marsupial (Marsupial) – +20 to the maximum tolerated weight, jumping higher; -4 to intelligence;
  • Plague Walker – the more a player is sick, the more poisonous aura is around him;
  • Scaly Skin (Scaly Skin) – +50 to energy damage and defense; -50 action points;
  • Speed ​​Demon – +20 to movement speed, fast reload; hunger and thirst develop stronger;
  • Fists (Talons) – + 25% damage without weapons and the chance to cause bleeding on impact; -50% to weapon accuracy;
  • Twisted Muscles – + 25% damage to melee and limbs; -50% to weapon accuracy;
  • Unstable Isotope (Unstable Isotope) – a chance of exposure to radiation attacking enemies in melee.


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